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Personal Retail Growth in Januray

 Personal Retail Growth

Do people order in January?

Yes, they do. People do not stop going to  high street retail shops either. Our  customers love our 1:1 service we are offering. We deliver the products direct to the door . It gives the customers the chance to have a chat with their distributor. 

VivaMK Retail Growth

Our customers can browse from a wide  range of catalogues and decide themselves (like in any other retail shop) if they want make a purchase .
But we distributors can work online too, we can make money with our catalogues or online, either selling products on Social Media platforms or our very own e-commerce webshop.

The possibilities are endless. 


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Retail is King

One of my weekly orders has arrived  😍 Retail is King and always will be  👑 🎉  Instant income. Our business is so simple to do  Why is Retail is King? Simple, without products there would be no business and no would be earned. If a shop owner has got a shop, but no products in his shelves, he cannot sell anything, therefore cannot make any money due to empty shelves. We have a wide range of products available. 1200+ ! and there is more to come. Why is our business simple? Three facts: 1. Retail the products / or deliver and collect catalogues  2. Submit orders 3. Earn your retail commission instantly (extra bonuses are paid when a new month has started) This photo shows one box with customer products (orders) and the contents sheet. Unique products - Repeated business - Simple business opportunity Get in touch , join our next Live webinar / zoom meeting Register on the above link. 

Happy Days - Christmas orders are rolling in

Happy days. Orders are rolling in. Customers are getting ready for Christmas. Orders These simply proof yet again, that out business works. and we have a very simple business model. What do we do? We, the distributors are receiving orders by delivering and collecting catalogues locally and or recommending any products from the VivaMK range online, these could by via Social Media or third party selling sites. How much do we earn? We, the distributors earn on every order placed, starting with 25% retail commission and these can be yet increased by another 10%, making a totally of 35%. You can see, the business is very simple to do. It just takes YOU , to get out there and make it happen. The BEST retail distributor is still out there somewhere, hasn't even started nor even registered and this could be YOU ! Full information can be found at

Simple business that works - Top Retailers in April 2019

VivaMK is active for 11 months now and the business helps people making money, This page is about "Proof" that VivaMK works , it can work for anyone else who is motivated, consistent and inspired by other People Success. Any new starter can create their own success from Day 1 , whether they are looking for an extra income or want to build a business for life. Building a business for life does NOT mean this is a get rich quick scheme, no , any new starters and even current distributors like myself must be consistent and work persistently their business, must have believe in what they are doing.  This kind of Business is not build over a fortnight, it can take months to make a full time income. As stated "any new starter can create their own success from Day 1" this is true.  It can't be easier . Selling skills are not required, knocking on doors is not required , in fact cold calling at someones door is illegal. We simply deliver and collect our catalogues