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Join VivaMK for free in September

 Excellent news came in today.  From today, anyone can (from the age of 18 years or older) join us in September for free .  How? Simply visit  , select the Sharing September Starter kit and complete your details on the next page. As a Sharing September Distributor you receive the same website tools like any distributor That's a  full working web shop access to the Distributor ordering site the opportunity to request a Post Pay facility once a £50 / €60 value of orders have been submitted a full working and personalised enrollment page access to the Front Row Team's websites and their online tools , training , video tutorials and more Once a £25 / €30 value of orders have been placed , you receive free samples of 4 of our VivaMK branded products (to keep, to try and to share with customers) a business kit with  5 catalogues of every catalogue available, order forms and snappy bags plus you get the chance of winning up to £30
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Personal Retail Growth in Januray

 Personal Retail Growth Do people order in January? Yes, they do. People do not stop going to  high street retail shops either. Our  customers love our 1:1 service we are offering. We deliver the products direct to the door . It gives the customers the chance to have a chat with their distributor.  Our customers can browse from a wide  range of catalogues and decide themselves (like in any other retail shop) if they want make a purchase .   But we distributors can work online too, we can make money with our catalogues or online, either selling products on Social Media platforms or our very own e-commerce webshop . The possibilities are endless. 

VivaMK recognition - joining the Viva10000 Retail Team

Receiving a VivaMK recognition is always a wonderful feeling, but joining the Viva10000 Retail Team within a year is just amazing. VivaMK Network is still fairly new in the Home Shopping and Retail world, but VivaMK has achieved tremendous success across the UK and Ireland already.  This recognition below comes directly from HQ and has put a big smile on my face. Joining the Viva10000 Retail Team within 1 year. I can only say "Wow" I didn't do anything special, no. I simply delivered catalogues to my local customers, submitted any customer orders in my Back Office and delivered all products directly to my customers . You can see, that customers / people ordering from our Vivamk catalogues.  The product range keeps growing month by month in some months even week by week. We sell a wide range, from Household, to Home Decor and Living, Beauty, Pesonalised Gifts, Eco- and Vegan friendly products, to Christmas decoration and toys for kids. You can take a peek at the catalogues

First VivaMK Network Retail Bulk order of 2020

First VivaMK Retail Bulk order of 2020 People often say to me "People don't order right after Christmas" , I say then usually "People order if they need to, it doesn't matter when." The first Retail Orders of 2020 prove it yet again.  Shortly after Christmas. Shortly after New Years Day.  My first bulk order of 2020 has been placed . 😍 🎉        Almost £300 value of catalogue orders  💪 hatTha # This  This also means I earned on these orders almost £75  Bulk orders 2020 That means I collected almost £300 value of customer orders within a matter of days.  It simply shows yet again, people are ordering even if it's shortly after Christmas / NYE.  We are People's Business. People buy from People. People buy from local People. People like to support People. The People's Business 2020 If you ever thought about joining a Direct Selling opportunity , Network Marketing Company why not taking a closer look at our simple to do

Happy Days - Christmas orders are rolling in

Happy days. Orders are rolling in. Customers are getting ready for Christmas. Orders These simply proof yet again, that out business works. and we have a very simple business model. What do we do? We, the distributors are receiving orders by delivering and collecting catalogues locally and or recommending any products from the VivaMK range online, these could by via Social Media or third party selling sites. How much do we earn? We, the distributors earn on every order placed, starting with 25% retail commission and these can be yet increased by another 10%, making a totally of 35%. You can see, the business is very simple to do. It just takes YOU , to get out there and make it happen. The BEST retail distributor is still out there somewhere, hasn't even started nor even registered and this could be YOU ! Full information can be found at

Christmas Catalogue version two

Our second version of our Christmas Catalogue has been launched. More products to choose from , a wider range.   VivaMK has yet again increased their range of products.  Why not take a look.? PS: There are more books to come in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

VivaMK works

I had the privilege talking in a live webinar and explained how to achieve success in VivaMK by retailing the products. Retail is King. To my person: I am one of the Top Retail Sellers in VivaMK. My talk, the webinar and the feedback afterwards proved it yet again, VivaMK works.  VivaMK works if the Distributor works, onwards to a great future with VivaMK. The business is growing , more products are being launched month by month. The opportunity gets therefore bigger and bigger, month by month. Now it's the best time to hop on board and get started with your own VivaMK business.  I and our Team can show you how  YOU  can achieve the same success or maybe even more. This is up to you. Why not take a look at the website for more information  h ttps://   and if you then think  "If they can do it, then I can do it too"  leave your details on the website ,  email  me or call me on 07789561645. The pre-registration has star